Torah’s Title Contributes to the Successful Conclusion of “WEB3 and Data Storage Global Development Summit

On August 23, 2022, sponsored by Web3 Infrastructure Technology Federation, named by Torah, co-hosted by Chinese Information Network, Torah Chinese Language Hall, and Evangelistic Finance, MO Capital (US), SparkLabs, Distributed Fog Database, ChatPay, Foggy Swap , MetaHero, MetaPlayer, Meta X strategic support, China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, China National People’s Association Distributed Storage Committee as special empowering organizations, co-organized by CCN Alliance, “WEB3 and Data Storage Global Development Summit” organized by Hot Chain Culture Media The event ended successfully at the Sofitel Hangzhou Crown.

With the theme of focusing on the development of Web3 & data storage, this conference invites multiple institutions, leading enterprises, and well-known industry pioneers to attend and discuss the forward-looking perspectives of Web3.0 and future multi-industry evolution.

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At the beginning of the meeting, Han Shiwang, a digital economy technical expert from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, chief economist of think tanks, and director of the expert committee of Zhejiang think tanks, delivered a speech. He said: “In the development path of national economic development, the Internet occupies the most important strategic significance. Internet technology The advancement and backwardness of Web 3.0 will be related to the development process of the market-oriented economy. Under the globalized Internet development process, Web 3.0 is the main theme of today’s world development. Whoever masters the core technology and market of Web 3.0 first will master the future market and master the The right to be the master of the Internet world.” Under the ideological guidance of Director Han Shiwang, this Web 3.0 and Data Storage Global Development Summit will target the Web 3.0 blue ocean, and focus on the Web 3.0 market development and storage technology focus.

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Afterwards, Liao Bodi, Ph.D. in economics, an expert in the theory and practice of chain reform, and vice chairman of the Digital Economy Branch of China Communications Industry Association, gave a keynote speech “On the Infrastructure of Web3”. Starting from the development process of the Web Internet, he deeply analyzed the Web1 How does .0 move towards the Web3.0 era? He also mentioned that the most important underlying digital infrastructure of Web3.0 is “computing power”. It has been listed as the category of sunrise industry. At present, the domestic government and mega-enterprises are still continuing to increase their computing power distribution. Individuals can also participate in the industry dividends by deploying distributed computing power storage ecosystems such as Torah and CCN Network.

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Then the host invited a Ph.D. in economics. He Chenkun, who won the “Most Contribution Award” for the annual technology application issued by the China Blockchain Industry Alliance in 2021, took the stage to bring the audience a keynote speech on “Torah WEB 3.0 Application Ecology”, he said The development of the entire Internet can be described in three stages. Web1.0 is actually the product of 1G and 2G communication technologies; Web2.0 is the product of 3G and 4G communication technologies; Web3.0 is actually an upgrade of 5G and 6G technologies. product. The most important thing about Web3 is the underlying facility “distributed storage”, and Torah was born based on this background.

Torah is the world’s first distributed storage star based on POD data interaction. Compared with other distributed storage solutions, Torah’s advantage lies in optimizing the data storage process. Distributed, low carbon, energy reduction, decentralization. In the Torah ecosystem, data not only returns to users, but even generates additional value.

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After the theme sharing, the roundtable “Current and Future of Web3” was officially opened. The roundtable was hosted by blockchain veteran Alan SunJet, Yuan Zhengzhong, founding partner of Yidao Capital, JoKia YIN, founder of Innoverview, Yujian Chain, researcher of Asian Blockchain Industry Research Institute, Zhejiang Cultural Industry Association, Cai Jianfeng, deputy director of the Digital Economy Special Committee, and Mr. Chai, founder of the evangelism blockchain and Metalink founder, participated as roundtable guests.

In this roundtable discussion, all the guests expressed their opinions on the theme of Web3. Among them, Yuan Zhengzhong said that Web3 is the trend of the times, and how to adapt to and grasp the trend of the times is the key; participating in the dividend of the Web3 industry, the improvement of cognition is particularly important; Jokia YIN said that with the advent of Web3.0, data will return to users themselves, Data can generate real value. If the individual is supported by strong funds, it is a good choice to become a B-end user to participate in the ecological construction of computing power. . Cai Jianfeng said that only by embracing Web3 can we have the freedom to convert numbers into assets. Mr. Chai said that Web3 is different from Web2. It is a revolutionary breakthrough technology. In the future, Web3 will be a new era of combining virtual and real. There are many industry opportunities waiting for you to discover. As the discussion of the round table got better and better, the guests shared their unique views and insights in their respective fields, and the content was splendid.

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After the roundtable discussion, Su Rushi, Chairman of Hong Kong Zhongding Capital, brought a theme to share “The Opportunities and Challenges of Web3″. He said that the strong wind of the digital economy is coming, and the blockchain field is a very fast-growing field. With the continuous development of the blockchain industry, industrial blockchainization is the biggest highlight of promoting blockchain to empower the real economy.” Most people only see the financial attributes of blockchain, but do not see the industry of blockchain Attributes. After half a year of “recovery period”, the entire market has entered an “overheating period”, which is a golden node for innovation, entrepreneurship and future layout. With the advent of the Web3.0 era, the key point is to make distributed storage a data asset and “Amplifier”, we cannot embrace the blockchain in the way of blind people touching the elephant, we must understand it with a new way of thinking, and distributed storage will become the lowest level of infrastructure.

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Then, the well-known YouTube koL King Jiji brought a theme to share “Torah Ecological Application MetaHero”. She deeply analyzed the birth history of MetaHero from market prospects, industry pain points, and solutions. MetaHero is a “decentralized Web3.0 MoBa game” based on a commercial blockchain distributed database system (FDB). MetaHero is positioned at the platform ecological traffic entrance. It not only has a variety of NFT gameplay, exclusive virtual characters, but also allows others to develop games based on the MetaHero game engine.

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Then, as a major part of this conference, the Toarh Asia-Pacific Community Genesis Node Awarding Ceremony was officially opened. The host invited 15 representatives of the creation nodes of the Asia-Pacific community, including Principal San Shao of Torah Chinese Language Hall, Chen Xiaochen, Chairman of Shanghai Shuaizun Network Technology Co., Ltd., and Fang Yuan, Chairman of Shanghai Xuhong Network Technology Co., Ltd., to come to the stage to award the plaque and speak. With the continuous efforts of global genesis nodes, Torah, as the world’s first green decentralized POD storage protocol, has made significant contributions to the development of Web 3.0 and distributed storage evangelism.

At this stage of the conference, the exposure has reached one million levels, and more than a thousand people participated in the event through “forum + exhibition” and online “picture broadcast”. The topics shared by the guests were “full of dry goods”, the audience “benefited a lot”, and the conference was a complete success.

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